Similar Initiatives

The Flying Less initiative at Concordia is part of a larger network of similar academic initiatives around the world

If you are curious about further resources the “Flying Less in Academia: A Resource Guide” is a repository that is constantly updated with the latest academic flying resources. This guide is co-edited by Ryan Katz-Rosene (University of Ottawa), Peter Shepherd (Environmental Studies Association of Canada), Garrett Richards (Memorial University of Newfoundland – Grenfell), Seth Wynes (University of British Columbia), Kimberly Nicholas (Lund University), Erica Frank (University of British Columbia), Parke Wilde (Tufts University), Joseph Nevins (Vassar College), Richard Kim (unaffiliated), and Agnes Kreil (ETH Zurich)

The ETH Zurich University in Switzerland has committed to reduce their academic air travel by implementing emissions assessment and reduction targets.

ETH Zurich flight emissions: Reduction targets and corresponding measures (2019)
Measures for Academic Air Travel Reduction (2020)

This University of Basel in Switzerland proposed goals and actions to strengthen sustainable mobility to be accomplished between 2019 and 2021.

Mobility Goals (2018)

Lund University in Sweden implemented a new travel policy to reduce academic flying emissions.

Travel Policy (2019)

The University of New Hampshire in the USA included in their Climate Action Plan a travel policy to reduce emissions between 2014 and 2020.

WILDCAP – Climate Action Plan (2014)

The Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne in Switzerland, implemented a voluntary initiative where their professors and scientists committed to reduce their flying emissions by prioritizing alternative solutions.

Guidelines for Sustainable Professional Travel

The Environment and Climate Emergency working group at the University of Exeter in the United Kingdom proposed an independent review to describe travel trends at the university as part of scope 3 in the assessment of greenhouse gas emissions. It also includes several recommendations for local and long-haul travel.

Environment and Climate Emergency Working Group White Paper (2019)

Several efforts have been undertaken by the University of British Columbia in Canada to reduce flying emissions. Including a website promoting zero emissions at the university and a handbook to promote a sound decision-making process when traveling.

Zero Emissions University Website (2019)
Handbook on Climate Change and Air Travel (2019)

A pilot program for the Air Travel Mitigation Fund (ATMF) was implemented in the University of California, Los Angeles in the USA to reduce the impacts of greenhouse gas emissions of business related air travel.

Air Travel Mitigation Fund (2018)

The University of Maryland in the USA started an initiative to become carbon neutral for all air traveling activities.

Climate Action Plan 2.0